Bree Proudheart

Protector of Lirudian Halflings


Bree seeks peace for herself and for her people.

She however is not foolish enough to believe the monastery will be left untouched forever.


Bree begged Archet not to go. She was scared he wouldn’t return and she wasn’t ready to lead.

Archet could not be convinced to stay, the call for champions had gone out across the land and their people had to send someone. Archet was the head of the order, the most experienced and the greatest fighter. Archet was also getting old he knew it and so did Bree.

Bree was already being trained to replace him one day but not today it was too soon. In the end she had to respect his decision.

When the news came back that all of the champions had vanished. Bree accepted her place as head of the clan and the order.

The Proudheart monks were in safe hands.

Bree Proudheart

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