The Brothers of Order

Twin brothers dedicated to Law.

Helden represented good. God of Law, Paladins & Inquisition
Ganove represented evil. God of Law, Blackguards & Tyranny

For centuries they were bitter enemies and their followers waged war against each other constantly.
When the great war of the Gods began they were ignored by the other gods as they seemed intent on destroying each other.

They suprised everyone by abandoning their rivalry and the war between good and evil.
They allied and waited for their moment.
Then at the peak of the war they killed the great god of chaos.

Due to them avoiding the battles between good and evil they lost those portfolios. Instead they are now the only gods of Law.

Since the end of the war the alliance has ended and the brothers have agreed to equally control law.

They are rivals once more but avoid all out conflict.

The Brothers of Order

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